LIVE IN STUDIO is a full production service focused on creating the most intimate and cinematic high-quality live performance videos for musicians and bands.   

We like to refer to these sessions as "VISUAL EP'S" so that artists may represent both their music and stage presence in an audio/visual package. 

Our filmmakers and photographers use the latest digital cinema equipment to capture each session with artistic precision, while our post production process utilizes the latest non-linear video editing applications.






LIVE IN STUDIO is an extension of SITE B, a New York City based independent film production company. Our love of film making and music has allowed us to utilize our professional skills to bring forth truly cinematic live performance videos.  

We strive to work hard and create genuine connections with each and every musician and artist. Our filmmakers are experienced in every aspect of the creative process from pre-production to final product delivery.







LIVE IN STUDIO is exclusively shot at BACKROOM STUDIOS, a full service in-house recording and rehearsal studio space located in Rockaway, New Jersey. BACKROOM STUDIOS offers a full array of professional services such as recording, mixing, and mastering. 

With a plethora of high performance industry standard engineering equipment as well as an endless variety of gear available for bands and musicians to utilize,  BACKROOM STUDIOS will make each session a perfect blend of live stage performance and in-studio production.

BACKROOM STUDIOS is made up of a collection professional producers and engineers who have worked with a variety of artists in the music industry. 

All of our sessions have been exclusively produced and engineered by Jonathon Maisto, whose ability to bring a unique approach to each recording has resulted in an outstanding sonic representation of each band and musician.  No matter the genre of music, Jonathon finds the perfect way to capture each performance with amazing attention to detail.